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    5.9L VS. 6.7L: Which Cummins is really better? [30/07/2020]

    When it first arrived on the scene for ’07.5 model year Dodge Rams, the 6.7L Cummins had a lot to live up to. After all, the 5.9L it replaced was highly revered for its million-mile durability, vast performance potential, and …

    Power to the p-pump: injecting new life into a 24-value Cummins [30/07/2020]

    If you own a ’98.5-’02 Dodge Ram 2500 or 3500 powered by the 24-valve version of Cummins’ 5.9L inline-six diesel, chances are you’ve suffered a failed injection pump, replaced a lift pump or even experienced an ECM gremlin or two. …

    The Cummins Advantage for Fire Pump Drive Engines [30/07/2020]

    Cummins has delivered standards of quality and innovation in its fire pump drive engines for 25 years, and we like to continue to surprise our customers. By focusing on dependability, power and ease, we ensure our industry-leading products find solutions …

    The global pump market will reach $66.852 billion in 2025 [17/07/2020]

    Transparency Market Research (TMR) pointed out in the latest research that the global pump market is highly integrated. In order to maintain their market position, major companies have strengthened their M&A activities while continuously developing new technologies, and the global …

    Cummins Machine–OXB 9240 [17/07/2020]

    Worldwide, more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily. On average it takes around 70 beans to brew each cup. Each bean starts its life as a coffee cherry that must go through a process which includes harvesting, …

    Cummins Engine Injector Pump Problems [17/07/2020]

    diesel fuel powers a 5.9-L Cummins engine through the use of a fuel injector pump. Many vehicle malfunctions are symptoms of a bad pump, which can cause poor engine performance.History The 5.9-L Cummins engine was used in full-size Dodge trucks …

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