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    How your p-pump Cummins get more power [30/07/2020]

    Any time we write about the 12-valve 5.9L Cummins, we can always count on plenty of feedback from readers. The very mention of this legendary mill seems to reinvigorate the never-ending mechanical vs. common-rail debate, reminding us where diesel performance …

    The Cummins Advantage for Fire Pump Drive Engines [30/07/2020]

    Cummins has delivered standards of quality and innovation in its fire pump drive engines for 25 years, and we like to continue to surprise our customers. By focusing on dependability, power and ease, we ensure our industry-leading products find solutions …

    Fire pump controller & Air intake system [30/07/2020]

    Fire Pump Controller The fire pump controller is not supplied by Cummins Fire Power or Cummins Inc. The fire pump controller starts the engine automatically when a remote fire demand signal is initiated and automatically shuts down the engine when …

    Maintenance requirements of ISF3.8 engine [30/07/2020]

    Fuel • Please add low-sulfur diesel at regular gas stations. Fuel Filter • Please use the genuine diesel filter of the regular channel and change the mileage to 20,000 km. Actually, you need to refer to the road conditions and …

    water pump failure [17/07/2020]

    Water Pump Failure Points Leaks are the most common sign of water pump failure, but what type of seepage are you seeing and what does it mean? A coolant leak coming from the weep hole is a sign of water pump bearing …

    The global pump market will reach $66.852 billion in 2025 [17/07/2020]

    Transparency Market Research (TMR) pointed out in the latest research that the global pump market is highly integrated. In order to maintain their market position, major companies have strengthened their M&A activities while continuously developing new technologies, and the global …

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