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  • Maintenance requirements of ISF3.8 engine

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    • Please add low-sulfur diesel at regular gas stations.
    Fuel Filter
    • Please use the genuine diesel filter of the regular channel and change the mileage to 20,000 km. Actually, you need to refer to the road conditions and usage habits.
    Motor oil
    • Please use genuine oil from regular channels with oil grade CJ-4 and above.
    Note: Winter oil should be replaced in some areas to ensure cold start performance of the engine.
    Oil filter
    • Please use the genuine machine filter of regular channels. The replacement mileage of oil and machine filter is 10,000 km. Actually, you need to refer to the road conditions and usage habits.
    Note: When replacing the oil filter, use a clean oil for pre-filling
    air filter
    • Please use genuine air filter from regular channels
    • Please replace it according to the specified mileage. If it is found that the air filter is ash or blocked, please replace it immediately.
    Note: It is forbidden to operate the engine without air filter. The maintenance mileage should be shortened under harsh conditions.
    • Please add genuine coolant from regular channels
    Note: It is forbidden to add water to the cooling system, which can cause serious engine failure.
    Fuel oil water separator
    • Dispense water from the oil-water separator before starting the vehicle every day to drain water and sediment from the oil-water separator
    • If the fuel water sensor alarm light is on during driving, please open the drain valve immediately to release water.
    • Be careful not to overtighten the drain valve. If it is over tightened, it will damage the thread and affect the tightness.

    Oil level
    • Place the vehicle horizontally. Before starting the vehicle, pull out the oil dipstick and check the oil level.
    • The oil level should be between the upper and lower scales of the dipstick
    Note: It is forbidden to start the diesel engine when the oil level is lower than the lower line of the dipstick or above the upper line of the dipstick.

    Coolant level
    • Check the coolant level in the secondary tank to see if it is within the proper range
    • The coolant level should be between the upper and lower tick marks
    • Check for leaks outside the diesel engine cooling system and replenish as needed

    Air filter status
    • Check the air filter for dust. If it is, please clean it in time.
    • Check if the filter element is deformed or damaged; if so, please replace the filter element in time.
    Start engine precautions
    1. Wait for a while after turning on the key switch, and wait for the “waiting start indicator” to go out before starting the engine.
    2. After starting the vehicle, observe the instrument panel. If the fault light is always on, it indicates that the system has an existing fault and should be repaired immediately.
    3. The motor must not run continuously for more than 20 seconds while driving, and should be separated by 2 minutes when the vehicle is continuously driven. If the vehicle cannot be driven for 3 consecutive times, contact professional technicians or service stations.
    Precautions during driving
    1. When driving, always pay attention to the water temperature indicator on the instrument panel and the change of the oil pressure gauge. If the water temperature is too high or the oil pressure warning light is on, please stop and repair immediately.
    2. If the engine has the following conditions, it should be pitted and repaired in time: abnormal sound, vibration, water temperature and oil pressure suddenly change, smoke, powerless
    3. Please accelerate after 3 minutes of idling before starting the vehicle. After the vehicle is running at high speed, please idle for 3 minutes before turning off the flame to protect the turbocharger from lubrication and cooling, prolong the service life and avoid the engine at low idle speed. State running time is too long (more than 10 minutes)
    4. Avoid dragging the engine during long downhill conditions, which can cause the car to crash and cause serious damage.


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