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    Fire Pump Controller
    The fire pump controller is not supplied by Cummins
    Fire Power or Cummins Inc. The fire pump controller
    starts the engine automatically when a remote fire
    demand signal is initiated and automatically shuts
    down the engine when the fire demand signal is dis-
    The engine may be started locally in the manual
    mode and shut down using the engine digital control
    panel stop button.

    Air Intake System
    The air intake system supplies combustion air to the
    fire pump engine cylinders. The air filter prevents par-
    ticulate matter from entering the air intake. Combus-
    tion air drawn into the system by the turbocharger is
    directed through the Charge Air Cooler (CAC) heat
    exchanger for cooling before entering the intake man-
    ifold where the charge air is mixed with fuel. Fire Pump Engines
    Cummins complete line of fire pump engines have
    been approved by Factory Mutual Approvals and
    listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. and Under-
    writer’s Laboratories of Canada.
    No deviations to supplied equipment from Cummins
    Fire Power are permitted without prior written



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