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    Water Pump Failure Points
    Leaks are the most common sign of water pump failure, but what type of seepage are you seeing and what does it mean?
    A coolant leak coming from the weep hole is a sign of water pump bearing or seal failure. This weep hole often resides between seals that separate the oil side from the coolant side. A small amount of “dry” seepage around the hole can be considered normal, but it’s only a matter of time before a seal becomes defective and the seep turns into a drip.
    A coolant leak into the front cover area, connected to the oil sump, means the outer O-ring has failed. This could mimic a head gasket leak.
    Cracking from coolant
    Adding cold coolant to an overheated engine can cause thermal shock and create a seal leak even in a new water pump. Starting an engine during a water pump replacement before adding coolant could have the same effect. Look for a crack across either the seal face or the mating ring as evidence.
    Allow an overheated engine to sit and cool before adding coolant. Then, restart the engine and allow it to run while slowly adding the remainder.The damaging power of rust
    Abrasive particles accelerate water pump seal wear. For example, systems that are not properly pressurized allow air to enter and foster the build up of rust. Or, if water with a high mineral content is added to the system and is heated, it will begin to form deposits that will accumulate and cause passage restrictions. Both of these are harmful to seals.
    Although rust is difficult to remove, it should be flushed from the system as thoroughly as possible before the old water pump is removed.

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