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    DCEC Cummins Mechanical Engine

    As the classic model of Cummins, DCEC Cummins mechanical engine has the advantages of easy maintenance, good economy, high reliability and easy to find parts around the world.In 2018, Cummins group officially launched the pump-driven engine, providing professional and reliable pump-driven power to pump manufacturers around the world. DCEC Cummins Mechanical engines: 4BTA3.9 | 6BT5.9 | 6BTAA5.9 | 6CTA8.3 | 6CTAA8.3 | 6LTAA8.9

    DCEC Cummins 3000rpm Mechanical Engine

    Due to the working principle of the pump, the high speed engine with 3000 RPM is the most commonly used engine by pump manufacturers. In the past, there were many modified engines with 3000 RPM, which were risky and unreliable.Cummins group officially launched 3000 RPM mechanical pump driven engine, strong power, can meet the market demand.DCEC Cummins 3000rpm Mechanical  engines: 4BTA3.9 | 6CTA8.3  | 6LTAA8.9 | 6BTA5.9

    DCEC Cummins Electronic Engine

    DCEC Cummins also bring electronic pump driven engines into market, DCEC Cummins electronic engines using  common rail fuel system, higher injection pressure, accurate injection timing and fuel control, better combustion, leads to fuel economy greatly improved, also improving low speed performance, low noise level and high cold start performance. DCEC Cummins Electronic pump-driven engine: QSB3.9QSB5.9 | QSB6.7 | QSL8.9 QSZ13

    CCEC Cummins Mechanical Engine

    CCEC Cummins is the first joint venture of Cummins in China established in 1995, CCEC Cummins concentrate on  heavy-duty engines including MTA11, NTA855, KTA19, KTA38 and KTA50, covers power range from 200HP to 2000Hp. CCEC’s official pump-driven engines provides high reliability and low fuel consumption for all kinds of water pump applications. CCEC Cummins Mechanical pump-driven engine: KTA19 | KTA38  | NTA855

    CCEC Cummins Electronic Engine

    CCEC Cummins bringing latest designed electronic engines including QSNT855, QSK19, QSK38, QSK50 and QSK 60 engines into market. CCEC Cummins electronic engines deliver high quality standard, high reliability and extremely low defective rate.  CCEC Cummins electronic engines and has been widely using in all kinds of water pump applications. CCEC Cummins Electronic pump-driven engine: QSM11 | QSK19 | QSK38 | QSK50

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