QSK50-C2500 (1864kw/1900rpm)

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Engine Model: QSK50-C2500
Engine Type: Electronic Engine
Displacement: 50.3L
Rated Speed: 1900 rpm
Rated Power: 1864kw
Power Type: Prime Power
Emission Standard: U.S. EPA Tier 2
Fuel Consumption: 203-210 g/kw.h
Cooling System water cooled
Dimension(L*W*H): N/A
Net Weight: 5970 kg
Lead Time: 20-30 working days
Payment Term: T/T; L/C
Country of Original: China
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Cummins QSK50-C2500 Pump Engine

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General Information of Cummins Diesel Pump Engine
Engine Model QSK50-C2500
Engine Type Electronic Engine
Engine Structure 16 Cylinders, V Type
Displacement 50.3L
Bore 159 mm
Stroke 159 mm
CPL Number CPL3548
Net Weight (with flywleel & alternator) 5970 kg
Overall Diemension(L*W*H) N/A
Technical Specification of Cummins Diesel Pump Engine
Emission U.S. EPA Tier 2
Aspiration Turbocharger & aftercooled
Fuel System Cummins MCRS
Eletrical System 24V
Lowest Starting Temp.(with/without auxiliary system) N/A/-18℃
Engine Cooling Fluid Volume 140 L
Lubricating Oil Volume N/A
Performance Data of Cummins Diesel Pump Engine
Max Power/Speed 1864kw/1900rpm
Max.Torque/Speed 9601N.m/1500rpm
Fuel Consumption @ Rated Power 203-210 g/kw.h
Min. Idel Speed 600 rpm
Max. Continuous Running Altitude N/A
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PumpMac integrates pump-driven engines, air intake system, exhuast system, cooling system, engine control panel, WPT PTO solution, Advance Gearbox solution, chassis as options for our pump-driven power pack, the intelligent control modules and water pumps are also available under customers’ requirements.

The Deutz engines are original manufactured in Detuz factories in China, either under license of Deutz or license expired (Same design and manufacturing, just can’t use Deutz logo and brand name on engines). The complete engine from factory are comes with standard scopes of supply, mainly includes below:

Fuel Injection System Flywheel Flywheel Housing Turbocharger
Intake Manifold Exhaust Manifold Starter Motor Alternator
Clamp & Hose Manual & Documents Oil Filter & Fuel Filter Water Pump & Oil Pump
We also provide customize power pack with below options:
Engine Options
Air Intake System.
(Air filter assembly)
Exhaust System
(Muffler assembly)
Cooling System
(Radiator or heat exchanger)
electric system
Two sets of batteries
(Another standby set)
Twin Starter System
(Spring or air starter)
Air Inlet Shut-off Vavlue
Power Pack Options
• Super power
Power coverage: 1250~2000 horsepower, maximum torque: 7865 Newtons. M.
Dead weight 4946 kg, power dead weight ratio up to 0.404 horsepower/kg.
• Low fuel consumption and good economy
Cummins PT fuel system, ultra high injection pressure, ensure good atomization engine, full combustion.
High efficiency Holset exhaust gas turbocharger can ensure more full intake, improve engine efficiency, further improve combustion, reduce engine specific fuel consumption.
Air – to – air cooling technology ensures full intake and better fuel economy.
• Compact structure and easy maintenance
Wet cylinder liner can be replaced, heat dissipation effect is good, easy to replace.All machine parts have strong commonality, high serialization and convenient maintenance.
The cylinder body and the cylinder head all adopt the built-in pressure lubricating oil channel, the structure is compact, the failure rate is low.
• Mature products, renowned all over the world Widely used
K50 series engines are widely used in construction machinery, heavy vehicles, power generation, Marine power and other fieldsHigh reputation.
K50 series engine with strong power, ultra-low fuel consumption, high reliability and low maintenance cost has won high recognition from customers in various fields.Technology upgrade: air-air cooling, slow starting and other technologies further improve the reliability, power performance, fuel economy and emission indexes of the engine.

QSK50 Series

Rated Speed(rpm)
Rated Power (kw)


50.3 1800 1044


50.3 1800 1119


50.3 1800 1193


50.3 1900 1864

Pumpmac Introduction

PUMPMAC is one of the sub-brands of EMAC, focusing on all types of water pump applications, supplying pump drive engine, water pump, intelligent water pump control system and high reliability and cost-effective driven power pack solutions etc.

As officially authorized water pump OEM packager of world well-known brand such as Cummins and Deutz, EMAC provides customers with various options, including Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, Isuzu, Yuchai, Yangdong, Quanchai water pump engines, WPT PTO, advanced gearbox, water pump and the complete pump-driven power pack that integrates with air-intake system, exhaust system, cooling system and control system etc.

PumpMac provides customers with high reliability and cost-effective driven power pack solutions, and our products are widely applied to fire fighting, petrochemical explosion-proof, construction site, mine pumping, underwater operations, factory water supply and drainage, agricultural irrigation, pond culture, urban drainage, municipal repair, emergency rescue and other scenarios.

Warranty1000 running hours or 12 months warranty according to which comes first.
Promise Both back by our TSI quality control system and “123” after-sales system are guaranteed from production to application.
Support: Customized products supplying, marketing system support, technical support and after-sales service training.

pump engine pump PTO advance gearbox power pack



EMAC Group Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2010 with more than 10 years experience, and aims to be a solid one-stop supplier in the power machinery industry. EMAC operates four overseas subsidiaries and owns 8 self-registered trademarks. Our products are widely used in energy, maritime, automotive, construction, railways and spare parts.

EMAC has strategically partnered with highly leading companies and integrated the prospective businesses across all platforms, and become official authorized distributor. These star enterprises include CRRC Group, Fast Gear, Dongfeng Dana Axle, KangNi Technology (KNT), Hispeed Boat (HSB), Advance Gearbox, Foton Auto, DIMA Auto etc.

After years of development and accumulation, EMAC has more than 8,000 business partners in more than 100 countries and regions. With the rapid development of the world economic integration, we look forward to forging ahead in the field of machinery equipment with more global business partners, to enjoy a wonderful business career, to realize our dream of “Drive globalization to create a better world”.

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